License Plate Recognition

There are several applications where automatic license plate recognition can be used. The two major values license plate recognition adds to systems are automation and security.

After integrating a License Plate Recognition Software Engine into intelligent transportation systems, it becomes possible to automate motorway toll collection, analyse traffic, improve law enforcement, etc.

An Intelligent Transportation System equipped with LPR can provide:
Flexible and automatic highway toll collection systems
Analysis of city traffic during peak periods
Automation of weigh-in-motion systems
Enhanced vehicle theft prevention
Effective law enforcement
Effective enforcement of traffic rules
Highest efficiency for border control systems, etc.

Other possible applications include:
Building a comprehensive database of traffic movement
Automation and simplicity of airport and harbour logistics
Security monitoring of roads, checkpoints, etc.
Vehicle surveillance Prevention of non-payment at gas stations, drive-in restaurants, etc.

After integrating License Plate Recognition Software Engine into parking management systems, controlled and automatic vehicle entry and exit in car parks or secure zones becomes possible. Furthermore, the ability to recognise registration number is a significant added value for comprehensive parking solutions or inventory management.

A parking lot equipped with LPR can provide:
Flexible and automatic vehicle entry to and exit from a car park
Management information about car park usage
Improved security for both car park operators and car park users
Improved traffic flow during peak periods

Other possible applications include:
Vehicle recognition through date and time stamping as well as exact location
Inventory management Comprehensive database of traffic movement

At last but not least state border control is one of the most important applications of automatic license plate recognition.